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Upcoming HBM Hunts  


If you are a subscriber to the Horizontal Bowhunter Magazine, and even if you are not, we invite you to join us on one or more of our upcoming hunts.  We travel to some unique and terrific locals that are teeming with wild game and natural beauty.  Our host outfitters are some of the very best that our industry has to offer and the food and accommodations are always great. 

If you are interested in joining us for any of these hunts, please give our main desk a call at 320-634-3660 for more particulars about the above hunts.  Video and still cameras will be capturing the memories and magazine articles will be written about our adventures.  Call today and join us on an adventure that’s filled with excitement, great memories and unforgettable camaraderie.


The Horizontal Bowhunter Magazine would like to invite our members and their spouses to join them on the 7th Annual “HBM Winter Rendezvous” at the Rio Bonito Ranch in the rugged Hill Country of Texas. We will spend four exciting days hunting hogs and deer; fishing for big bass, frying-pan size brim and sharing our ideas on how help preserve our hunting heritage from those who would see it destroyed.

Our week in the Texas wilderness will begin on the afternoon of Sunday, February 7th with arrival, weapon sight-in, dinner and an informal meeting to discuss ranch rules and policies.  For the next four days we will hunt and fish as we try to assist the Rio Bonito in their efforts to decrease the large numbers of hogs and exotic deer they have on the ranch.  Wives and non-hunting spouses are welcome and encouraged to accompany the hunters for this annual get-together.

The cost of this getaway is $2450 per hunter.  There is a $300/day charge for spouses if they do hunt and $150/day if they don’t.  Spouses can lounge around the ranch, fish in the private lake or go shopping.  Fredericksburg is just a thirty-minute drive from the ranch and is filled with unique little shops and regional boutiques.  If non-hunters want to hit the big city shopping malls, San Antonio is just ninety miles down Interstate 10 making it very convenient to “Remember the Alamo” and shop until you drop!

The hunt package includes sumptuous meals, four days and five nights of comfortable lodging and your own personal guide to escort you to and from the stands.  Hunters may harvest as many feral hogs as they are able to, as long as they utilize the meat from each animal for personal consumption.  WANTON WASTE IS NOT PERMITTED ON THE RIO BONITO.

The hunt also includes one mature hard-horned animal of any of the following species: Sika Deer, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Black Buck Antelope, Aoudad Antelope and any Wild Card species.  Additional animals may be taken for $1350 trophy fee for each and additional days may be arranged with the ranch manager.  It is important to realize that the Rio Bonito Ranch IS NOT A HIGH FENCE OPERATION and the hunting is extremely challenging, but the game is very plentiful.
ANY WEAPON IS ALLOWED on this hunt.  Regardless of your preference, the HBM supports ALL LEGAL FORMS OF HUNTING with ALL LEGAL WEAPONS and at the Rio Bonito Ranch, they’re all legal.  Long guns, Pistols, Black Powder, Vertical Archery Equipment, as well as OUR weapon of choice, the Crossbow.  Whatever your pleasure, we invite you to use it. 

We have room for 20 hunters at this event and the spots will be filled on a first-come/first-serve basis. To guarantee your spot, a $500/person deposit must received at the HBM Main Desk.  The balance will be due upon arrival at the ranch on the 7th of February, 2010.

We’ll be having a lot of fun, consuming some wonderful Tex-Mex cuisine, as well as sharing some exciting adventures on this getaway.  The Rio Bonito Ranch is a hunting experience that you will never forget so come and join us as we plan for the future and enjoy the present, deep in the heart of Texas.


In 2010 we are beginning a new partnership with Magnum North Outfitters in Manitoba, Canada for our spring bears.  The first reason being is that our hunters can fly into Winnipeg and our outfitters will pick us up right at the airport and transport us to camp which is a mere hour and a half away from the city.  It is also a Godsend for those of us that drive all the way. 

The cost of this hunt is $2450 but includes absolutely everything.  You license, meals, board, guides and beverages are all included.  There are no hidden charges and transportation to and from the Winnipeg airport are included.

Guides will take hunters to and from the baits and process their game when taken.  Arrangements can be made with those same guides for fishing opportunities.  Crossbows are legal for this hunt for ALL hunters.  We need five (5) hunters to fill this package.  A $700 deposit must be received by April 1st, 2010 to reserve your spot on the hunt with the balance being due upon arrival at the lodge on May 23, 2010.  Each hunter must have a passport to cross the border for this hunt.
In researching this hunt, I learned that the food is fantastic and the outfitters work very hard at seeing that everyone has a wonderful time.  Approximately 30% of the bears take at Magnum North Outfitters are color phase and they take some very large bears so be prepared for excitement as well as fun around the campfire. This one will fill up quickly so get your name in quickly.  Daniel Hendricks will be you host so there will be lots of pictures taken and a story or two written about what happens there.

Past Hunts


This will be the 3nd Annual HBM Fall Fling at Ozark Mountain Outfitters (OMO) in South-central Missouri.  OMO offers a unique hunting opportunity in a handsome and rugged setting for big whitetail deer and abundant flocks of wild turkeys.  The hunting area consists of approximately 3 square miles of forest, river bottom and cultivated food plots, which are teaming with wild game.  Hunters will arrive after lunch on the afternoon of October 10 and begin hunting before daylight the next morning with a scheduled departure of the morning of the 16th.

The cost of this hunt is $1500, which covers lodging, meals, guide service and transportation to and from the field.  Your hunting license is $225 (at least it was in 2009) and includes tags for a buck, a doe and 2 turkeys.  This is an archery hunt and crossbows are permissible if you have a current disabled permit from your home state.  We have openings for six hunters on this adventure so don’t drag your feet if you are considering joining us.  This is a great hunt for the money and it will be filled very quickly.

To reserve your spot on the 2010 HBM Fall Fling, contact Jim and Darlene Wilson at Ozark Mountain Outfitters at 417-260-0907 to lock in your hunt.  It will be filled on a first come, first serve basis so get your deposit in to lock in your spot. 


This will be the 7th Annual HBM Palmquist Farm Whitetail Hunt in the pristine forests of Northern Wisconsin.  Palmquist Farm offers a unique opportunity for hunters looking for a trophy wall hanger to adorn their den.  Accommodations are in their handsome and spacious log lodge and country style home cooking is served in the farmhouse kitchen.

The hunting covers over 1000 acres of thick forest and cedar swamps with a healthy and cunning whitetail population.  Hunters will arrive after lunch on the afternoon Friday the 12th and hunting will begin the next morning with scheduled departure during the morning of November 16th.  The base cost of this hunt is $1000, which covers lodging and meals for four nights, as well as guide service, gate fee and transportation to and from the field.  If you harvest a buck, your trophy fee will be $12.50/Boone and Crockett inch for each buck you take.  If your buck’s total score is over 150 inches, there will be an additional $500 trophy fee assessed for your animal.  The hunt is a three-day hunt,  however additional days may be booked at $145/day/person with Palmquist Farm.  Does may be taken for $150 each and a $100 CWD testing fee will be required for each and all animal taken.

This is a beautiful and remote area to hunt, but you will have a wonderful time.  The weather can be very cold, but it is the first wave of the whitetail rut so there will be great deer movement.  Baiting with grain is legal in Wisconsin and will be provided by our hosts.  If you have never taken a trophy whitetail, I strongly suggest you give the “Palmquist Farm Opportunity” your serious consideration.  For additional booking information or testimonials by previous hunters call the HBM Main Desk at 320-634-3660.  We only have room for five hunters on this hunt and they will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The $1000 base cost for the hunt must be received in advance to hold your spot.  Bring your cameras because this year we are sponsoring a photo contest for the front cover of the Winter 2011 issue of HBM.  Each hunter will be looking for a great buck and a great photo at the same time.

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