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Big Game Registry Rules  


  1. Entries for the HBM BIG GAME CROSSBOW REGISTER will only be accepted from current paid or Lifetime Members of the American Crossbow Federation. All qualified members will be allowed to submit animals that were taken with a crossbow or vertical bow prior to their membership. Each entry must meet the minimum required score for the species being entered and include the type, brand and make of the bow used to take the trophy. 
  2. Each entry must be measured by a qualified measurer that has previous experience with SCI, Boone and Crockett, Buckmasters or Pope and Young. Registration forms are available from the ACF main desk at 320-364-3660 or bowtwang@charter.net for email. One completed form should be submitted to The ACF by mail, another should be retained by the applicant for his or her records and yet another should be retained by the official measurer. 
  3. All entries must be accompanied by colored photographs of the entry, preferably in the field, but may be of the finished mount, to be considered for registration. Photos will be permanent part of the registration file and must be of good quality and clearly focused. All entries must have at least three photos taken of each specimen, including one from the left side of the animal, one from the right and one from a head on position. The $25 entry fee (U.S. Funds) must be included with each individual entry and an additional $25 if you wish to receive the trophy plaque for your entry. 
  4. Each application should be printed cleanly and neatly with all blanks completed. All questions must be answered in their entirety or the application will not be processed until they are. The name of each entrant in the record book will appear exactly as it does on the entry form. Make sure that the application contains your NACF membership number for membership verification.
  5. It is important that our members realize that if your animal qualifies for the HBM Big Game Register, it also qualifies for the Safari Club International Record Book or Trophy Animals. We encourage our members to support SCI and register your animals in their book as well.

CLICK HERE to download a list of Minimum Scores Required for Big Game Registry Consideration.


Big Game Register Forms  

Use the links below to download the appropriate document for your registry submissions.

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