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Tom’s 196 square mile lease is covered up with antelope and I mean some real dandies. 

A respectable number of requests for a good Pronghorn Antelope hunt have crossed my desk and I promised to see what I could uncover.  Maryland member, Ron Williams provided me with a lead for an outfitter operating out of Douglas, Wyoming and guaranteed that we would like what he has to offer based on twelve consecutive years of hunting there.  I spoke with the owner, Tom White about his company, Tom’s Antelope Adventures and he invited me to come out and see what he had to offer. Ron Williams said that he would come along on the maiden voyage and when I mentioned an Antelope Roundup to ACF member Gene Strie, he said he would come along to help evaluate.

We had to apply for licenses by March 15th and received them in the mail in July.  Hotel reservations were made and we headed out for the third week of Tom Whites season arriving in Douglas on the 28th of August.  During the trip, we learned that Tom had been running his bowhunting-only operation for 16 years and has 196 sections in his exclusive territory.  He has primitive camping available or you may stay in Douglas at a variety of good hotels at reasonable rates.

Tom’s lease is covered up with antelope in big numbers and sizes.  Both Ron and Gene filled their tags within the first half-hour of their hunt.  I could have filled my tag too, but spent the first day and a half in the blind snapping hundreds of photos of antelope and a wide assortment of critters that came to the water hole for refreshment; it was fantastic!  Late in the afternoon of the second day, I took a respectable Billy ending the hunt for our threesome in just over twenty-four hours.  Tom and his wrangler, Clark were wonderfully accommodating about helping get the carcasses into the locker plant to be taken care of.  Mine was skinned and cut up right at camp and placed in a cooler as I like to have my groceries processed at home.

Tom told us that very rarely does a hunter go home without his animal, but that it can happen if a person is waiting for a behemoth, there is really bad weather, or in some cases an archer just  can’t hit the side of a barn.  He does guarantee that every hunter will see lots of game and have plenty of bucks to choose from.     

When your tagged is filled, the Douglas area provides the visitor with lots of fun things to do and see to help pass the time while the rest of the crew fills out or your meat is being processed.   

Tom has granted the ACF membership exclusive rights to the third week of the hunt, which next year will take place starting on Monday August 29 - Friday September 2, 2011.  We believe it’s a good time to hunt because the Billy’s hormones are kicking in, they are starting to gather their harems and getting belligerent; yet they have not hit full rut so they are still tasty to eat.  The weather is also starting to cool, which only helps to stir things up in the wilds of Tom White’s antelope heaven.

All three of this year’s crew will be back in 2011 (good Lord willing) and we are looking for another 15-20 ACF members to join us for the 2nd Annual HBM Antelope Roundup.  If you have been planning on adding a Pronghorn Antelope to your trophy wall, have we got the spot for you and the hunt is only $900 a person.  You will have an excellent chance at bringing down “King Prong” on this one people so come along and enjoy yourself with some fellow HBM members as we help our outfitter manage his herd of speed-goats at Tom’s Antelope Adventures in Douglas, Wyoming.  Bring your wives along as your hunt will probably be short so you can turn it into a Western family vacation.  Tags are on a draw system with application deadline on March 15, 2011.  If you have questions about the hunt or just want to reserve a spot, call the HBM Main Desk at 320-634-3660.  This is an excellent hunt at a bargain price that you and your hunting buddies will really enjoy.  Call today to reserve your spots.

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