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Dear HBM - With only 4-days left in the season, I set up 3 decoys and called at dawn, a half mile west of the roost of a large group of Turkeys. I had scouted and hunted the area previously and noticed that they tended to head west to feed early. The hunt was ideal, in that I spotted the Tom coming to my call and answering while he was still 200 yards away. He took his time and hung up a couple of times, fanning and calling, it was neat. He finally came to 25-yards and I could not resist the shot. Interesting, there was a slight delay, between shot and impact and the impact sound was quite a whack. The arrow hit him in the vitals and he jumped straight up and fell dead. I have harvested many Turkeys, but this was my most exciting and satisfying hunt. I am hooked, thanks to you. Big thick spurs and a 10 inch beard. I did not weigh him, but will mount the tail with a arrow and the beard.

Bill Morse - OK

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