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 The crew for Foremost Outdoor TV caught up with Dan Hendricks in the hallways at the 2011 ATA show.  Dan had a lot to say about crosswbow hunting in Wisconsin.  Check out the interview:


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Saturday, April 16, 2011 10:08 AM
WI xbow wannbe needs help - can't quite 'pass' the disabled requirements yet, but I own an xbow already and like to practice at the local public range. Bring my own cube target so I don't wear out the bales. A couple of turkey hunters were practicing at the same time as me LOUDLY complained about the F***ing lazy xbow hunter and rather crudely told me where to go. What can I do? Are there any 'dedicated xbow only clubs with ranges?'
Tuesday, April 19, 2011 10:55 AM
Straight Arrow – I am terribly sorry that you had to run into a couple of Wisconsin’s finest??!!??. Unfortunately the world has been seeing a lot of ugliness coming out of Wisconsin citizens in recent weeks and your encounter is just one more form of what our world is sadly becoming. Remember according to them, “You are entitled to your freedom as long as you do it the way WE BELIEVE everyone should do it.”

I would strongly suggest that you become a member of the Wisconsin Crossbow Federation and take an active role in helping to bring about change. Call John Cumming the WCF President at 262-893-2700 and he will tell you how you can help make a difference.

Once the crossbow is a legal choice for any bowhunter, the nasty, anti-hunting behavior being demonstrated by a small and very vocal click of selfish, ignorant elitists will be silenced forever. But in order to bring about change, individuals must be willing to stand up for what they believe. It is important however, that we do not stoop to the mean and nasty behavior the anti-hunters use when they are constantly proven to be wrong by the facts and actual documentation accumulated from states where the crossbow has been legal for decades.

Remember Straight Arrow, it is all based on selfishness and fear of loss. No other argument being offered by the anti-hunting bowhunters holds water. They just don’t want other hunters in THEIR WOODS during THEIR SEASON killing THEIR DEER. It’s time for all hunters to stand up to these misguided bullies because they are wrong. The woods, the season and the deer are for everybody, not just those who think they are better than the rest.

If you are driven away from the range by a couple of ignorant Neanderthals, then they win an unrighteous victory and you have lost a legitimate place to shoot your crossbow. Stand up for what you believe and ignore the morons. They really don’t know any better, but with time, perhaps they will learn because of stand-up folks just like you.
Saturday, May 21, 2011 8:23 PM
Dan knows exactly what he is talking about. One of the things anti-crossbow people do to bury themselves is they have no statistics to back up what they claim is wrong with legalizing the crossbow fully in archery seasons. In Louisiana they attempted some underhanded schemes that didn't pan out in the legislature.
When finally asked to show proof of allegations, they were dumbfounded. The same thing happened shortly thereafter in Texas as antis divested themselves in unqualified rhetoric. Louisiana was passed unanimously and there have been no problems with full inclusion in the last three years. Wisconsin will follow shortly as the rest of the states. Pass it on.
Saturday, March 24, 2012 11:58 AM
solid video and thoughts Chris and Dan.

what have been the crossbow legalization during archery season efforts in Colorado so far?



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