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Greetings Dan! - Hope this note finds you and Karen doing well. Our elk season began September 1st  and is now over. I called in a spike for Judy on the 4th and as luck would have it, her arrow clipped a small branch and she shot under him. 4 days later I called him back up and Tim Martell, a friend of ours managed a 20 yard shot from his Hoyt. Then on September 16th Tim called in a cow for me. I'd been practicing shooting with either hand and it paid off!

The cow had apparently seen me move and came in out of range on my strong side then began circling. When she disappeared behind some cover I switched to shoot left handed and had to lie on my side to get the opening I needed. She stopped broad side about 40 yards out and stared at me. Tim called again and when she looked back at him I released the arrow from my Horton XS, the same bow I was shooting when you were out here. The arrow hit it's mark and she went less than 100 yards. Had I not practiced shooting with my off hand I'd not have gotten that elk. Something for other crossbow shooters to consider.

For the grand finale, yesterday evening Judy and I went up again to see if we could get her one. We had a herd come in above us with the wind in the wrong direction and they headed off back up the mountain. We went after them and when timing was right I had Judy set up. I'd found a note with the diaphragm I was using the bull liked and used it a couple times. I then took a piece of dead timber and began raking a tree. The bull bugled and when I bugled back he too began raking a tree. We went back and forth until the bull came in, 13 yards from Judy. He stopped and as he began thrashing a tree she let fly. At the shot I bugled and the bull turned to face me! the bull didn't even know he'd been hit. He walked toward me until he was about 15 yards away. As you know I"m a bit wider than most of the trees in this area and he obviously saw something he didn't like. He jumped into the timber and when I bugled he bugled back. He then took a couple steps and expired.

What an exciting hunt season!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010 2:13 PM
Good Job guys....gals! Elk are so tasty! Anyway, there's nothing really like a bull standing there in front of you staring you down. I have not had the opportunity to hunt them with the crossbow but I've had them within 30 yds while rifle hunting. Getting that close is an extreme accomplishment!

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