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As the crossbow continues its steady march into the hunting seasons of states and provinces of North America, evidence indicates that those who still reject the crossbow as an archery tool are becoming more frenzied in their efforts to halt the expansion of the crossbow hunting season.In spite of their increased efforts, barriers and restrictions that have been in place for decades continue to crumble and fall away as common sense and documented statistics dash the lies and myths that have maligned the crossbow since the dawning of modern archery.

The true culprit to the conflict, which most of us understand and know to be the truth, is fear of loss and simple greed on the part of crossbow opponent.A fear and greed that is readily acknowledged by the anti-crossbow clique as they openly admit to their fear of more crossbow hunters killing their deer; in their woods; during their season.It seems that every crossbow debate eventually boils down to the simple equation of more legalized crossbows equals too many hunters in the woods.However, the bottom line is that hunter numbers continue to fall continent-wide and hunters, as a group seem, unable to stop the blood-letting that is bringing about the weakening and eventual demise of modern hunting.

Now I ask every one of you, which is more important to our hunting future? Keeping our seasons to ourselves and doing our best to limit participation in a dying sport? Or putting away our differences, embracing our brothers (regardless of what they hunt with) and striving to recruit and retain every hunter that we can in an effort to preserve our hunting future for generations to come? To me it’s a no brainer! The truth of the matter is that we must all start working together to become a single and unified voice.One that sings the praises of tolerance, acceptance and promotion of our sport regardless of what animals we hunt, what methods we use to hunt or what weapon we use to hunt them with.

My personal dream is to see the day when all hunters do exactly that. A day when they pull in the same direction in an effort to recruit new participants of all ages and both sexes; to serve as mentors and trainers by sharing their seasons, woods and weapons; and by going out of their way to keep older hunters in the woods sharing all that they have learned, seen and know with younger and less experienced hunters.What a fine world it will be if we reach that objective.There are no reasons why such a time cannot come and a million and a half reasons why it should.

Still people continue to get caught up in private agendas and are driven by what they deem to be best for their personal needs; the rest of the brotherhood be damned!Yet, each year our numbers shrink as older hunters fall off the rosters and younger hunters fail to enlist because they have no mentors or family members to teach the way of the woodsman.The plain and simple truth is that it’s a foolproof and bitter tasting recipe for hunter extinction.In a day and age when well organized, well financed and ever-growing groups of anti-hunting fanatics strive to eliminate any form of natural resource harvest, hunters continue to turn on their brethren like primitive cannibals quickening the demise of the very thing that they feel they are protecting with their passionate efforts.When all they are doing is slashing their own wrists, draining away the very life of the sport that is so near and dear to us all.

My personal dream is that one day all hunters will come to the realization that we must unite - one and all.That we must work together as a team to recruit and expand our numbers making our voices and efforts more effective against those that are determined to drive us into extinction; that we will put aside selfish agendas that are designed to protect personal factions, while blatantly discriminating against the rest of our brotherhood.

I am often told that this is a foolish dream that will never come to pass.However, it is still my dream and if it is indeed an impossible dream, I still choose to dream it.It is the right thing to do and the only thing that will insure our hunting futures.

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