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Starting in the Summer of 2007 the American Crossbow Federation instituted a new award to be presented on a quarterly basis to an outstanding supporter of the grassroots crossbow movement. The ACF Lion Heart Award is presented to a deserving member that has gone the extra mile in helping to promote and preserve the crossbow hunting opportunity during the course of his or her daily life.

Any ACF Member whose dues are current or is a paid Life Member may present the name of a nominee for the ACF Lion Heart Award.  The criterion is simple.  Each candidate should be nominated because of the effort that he or she is putting forth to expand the crossbow hunting opportunity.  We are not looking for the professional writers, TV personalities or other industry figures; we are instead looking for the grassroots crossbow advocate.  You folks know who they are when you see them.  They may be working with legislators or doing public speaking on a local basis.  They may be working to organize crossbow events or found organizations.  They may be posting on web sites and taking the lead in crossbow discussions and debates.  But, whatever they are doing, they are doing it to help create more opportunities to hunt with and shoot the crossbow, worldwide.

If you know of someone who deserves special recognition for the effort he or she is putting forth, please send us their name, address and telephone number and we will take them into consideration for this quarterly award.  Each recipient will receive a one-year gift membership to the American Crossbow Federation and a Certificate of Recognition.  If the recipient is already a member of the ACF, their current membership will be extended for one year.  We will also do a short write up about the award winner in HBM, sharing his or her efforts on behalf of the crossbow.  If we are to succeed in expanding the crossbow hunting opportunity, then no effort or no character’s role is too small.  There are a lot of unsung heroes out there and we desire to give special credit where credit is due. 


The latest ACF Lion Heart Award is being presented to ACF Member, Dennis Britton of Thurmont, MD.  Dennis has been nominated and selected to receive this award because of his uncommon dedication and persistence on behalf of the crossbow in the state of Maryland.  Dennis has been a hunter all of his life, inspired early on by his father and great-grandfather.  He has hunted with all weapons, but became addicted to the crossbow after taking an 8-point buck in 2007. 

Since that time, Denny has been a crusader for the crossbow and has set the pace in his home state by spearheading the formation of the Maryland Crossbow Federation, which he now serves as President.  His leadership has been exemplary as he has forged ahead completing each step necessary to form their chapter and qualify for non-profit status.  He has been tenacious and tireless in his efforts by bearing the brunt of the task both in time and finances thereby making things happen very quickly in MD.  He readily donates his time representing the foundling PCF at public gatherings and shows where he passionately presents the common sense and logic at the root of crossbow inclusion into the states bowhunting season.  If you want to get a job done, Dennis will get it done and done quickly.

We look for good things to come from the leadership of Denny Britton as he and his team work to grow the Maryland Crossbow Federation as well as the American Crossbow Federation.  If you are in a state that has a crossbow season or is getting close and you need advice on how to get the job done, Denny is just one person of a growing number of quality leaders that are emerging as we shepherd the crossbow into its rightful place in the hunting world.  Its men and women like him that will be the key to the future of not just the crossbow, but all forms of hunting.

The entire ACF membership would like to thank Dennis Britton (and his lovely wife, Lucelva) for the time, effort and personal resources that they have put forth for all hunters, especially the crossbow hunters of Maryland. 

Congratulations Denny and please keep up all of the good work that you do to preserve our hunting heritage.  We are all very proud of you.


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