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This British made sight from Hawke Optics is the one Jim Kempf selected for his Scorpyd crossbow.  It is a conventional multi-reticle sight with a particularly nice image quality and evidently, as you will see, robust build.

To the uninitiated, it might seem that a telescopic sight is just a telescopic sight, but    actually the application for which it is intended has critical implications for the design, one size done not fit all.  For a crossbow, parallax adjustment has to be within the same parameters as the normal shooting range of the bow, units of adjustment for elevation have to be realistic and the delicate innards have to be protected from vibration and done so specifically with regard to the directions from which impact will arrive – the recoil patters of a crossbow may feel like a medium bore rifle but are actually quite different.

I inadvertently tested the Hawke sight with extreme prejudice by not fastening it firmly on the Scorpyd rail so that it slid smoothly of and gravity did the rest.  To my horror it crashed down onto a ceramic tile floor so hard I was worried about having to replace the tile as well as the sight.  Actually both survived and the sight had not even lost its zero.  Do not try this at home… but the result was interesting.  Never say this reviewer isn’t thorough.

The multi-reticle is apparently compatible with Hawke BRC software, which I did not test and focusing of the reticle which I did, is very fast and easy.  The image is excellent, with good low-light capability.

The tube requires one inch rings.

Windage and elevation are adjustable at the turret by unscrewing dust caps to reveal adjusters.  Caps and adjusters are easily turned with the fingers.

This is a telescopic sight of sound quality and good performance from a British Company who when I spoke with them over the phone reveled their enthusiasm for making and further-developing sighting systems which promise to be of great interest to the crossbow archer, the field archer and of course the hunter market in the U. S. where they have received good report.  Evidently my beloved country can still produce fine workmanship; thanks to Hawke Optics for giving me the opportunity to be patriotic.

Hawk Optics


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