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Out of the Woods by Randy Woods  

What is it about the middle of August that turns the radar on for us hunters? It is still summer, the weather is still hot and the days are still long. The leaves are still green, the grass still needs mowed (unless it is crunchy and brown like mine) and the kids are not yet back in school.

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Well, here we are again. Spring has arrived, at least for most of you. (It is still a topic of debate here in Ohio, as I write this article.) Geese are sitting on nests, leaves are on the trees and the fish are biting, all good signs of warmer weather to come.

After a huge crossbow expansion in 2009, it appears that 2010 is on a similar track.Maryland and Delaware appear to be adding crossbows for everyone during the entire archery season. For the past several years, those 65 and over could use the crossbow during the archery season in Maryland. While these states are not big in hunting numbers, they will apply huge pressure as the crossbow expansion works its way up the east coast. New York and the New England states see the wave headed their way and should jump on board over the next couple of years. There is more and more interest in the northeast every year.

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    I’ve killed a fair amount of pheasants and quail in my day, having grown up in Kansas. The memories of those hunts are forever burned into my mind. The birds are really the small part of what I remember. I lost a good hunting buddy recently, and he is a big part of all those memories. He is also a factor in what I now do for a living and who I am.

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