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There is a new kid in town as far as crossbow scopes go and this young feller is really getting around. As a matter of fact, if you shoot a Parker, TenPoint or a Scorpyd, you have probably already been using one. The new crossbow scopes from Hawke feature a high performance optical system, designed to increase your success in the field. The wide angle image is bright and crisp, and the long eye relief eye bell design allows the scope to quickly ’come up’ to the eye. The entire range of scopes feature: Ballistic reticles compatible with the Hawke BRC software, fully multi coated optics, fast focus eye pieces and 1/2 M.O.A finger adjustable and resettable turrets. Be sure to always hit the target with Hawke's Ballistic Reticle Calculator (BRC). Simply put the crossbow power information into the BRC and it calculates the exact trajectory of your arrow. The aim points of the SR and MAP reticles are then calculated equating to precision in the field. It's simple to use and extremely accurate. Geoffrey Toye, our European Correspondent with do a in-depth review of this scope in the Winter 2010 Issue of HBM and I will comment on it from the hunter’s prespective. In the mean time they have a great website at http://hawkeoptics.com

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New for 2009 Parker Crossbows offers value and performance in the New “Spartan” Crossbow.

As many hunters get introduced to the joy of hunting with a crossbow, a lot of new enthusiasts want enough crossbow to get the job done with out having to skip a meal or two to pay for it. The designers at Parker Crossbows have introduced the New for 2009 Spartan crossbow. It isn’t Spartan in its features or performance in any way; rather it’s ready for battle in the woods like the “Spartans” of historic lore.

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New for 2009 RED HOT™ Introduces the HOT SHOT crossbow accessory Kit.

All crossbow enthusiasts are seeking more performance, more consistency and better accuracy from their equipment. This is especially true as the modern hunting crossbow continues to evolve and improve. The designers at Parker Crossbows have introduced the first complete accessory kit that will virtually turn the average crossbow into a sniper’s dream and a big buck’s nightmare.

The RED HOT™ brand of High Velocity Crossbow accessories have all been compiled into one ultimate performance kit called the “HOT SHOT” kit. Appropriately named, the Hot Shot kit is all about performance and accuracy shooting at extended distances and from High performance crossbows.

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Suffield, OH. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies®, a leader in the production of technologically advanced, high-performance crossbows known for balance and precision shooting, introduces the NEW and very affordable Titan HLX, a faster, enhanced performance version of its longstanding TenPoint Series workhorse.

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Bad River Outdoors is the first company that I am aware of to jump on the bandwagon, bringing crossbow hunters fine fixed, fiber optic peep-sights for their crossbows. These sights, appropriately names “Tagged Out”, are not only extremely tough, durable and serviceable, but they also have a built-in “Quick Range” rangefinder making it the most unique and practical crossbow sight on the market. The sight is designed for crossbows with speeds of 320 to 360 feet/second.

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